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Noted diffuser

The diffuser is a large 8-ounce bottle that lasts 4-5 months and comes packaged in a sleek, opaque black box.


Tips from the maker: To start a new diffuser, insert as many reeds as desired into the liquid and flip them after 24 hours. For a small space you may not want to use all the reeds provided, or use them all for maximum fragrance throw. To maintain consistent scent flow, we like to flip our reeds every week or so from there on out.

Products are lovingly handcrafted by a team in small batches in South Boston, MA.

Mediterranean Fig This scent is as vibrant as the Mediterranean coastline, reminiscent of sweet fig and melon, and balanced with notes of jasmine and rosewood. 

Lime basilThis scent is as sweet as your favorite mojito, and has a familiar zesty aroma. A refreshing blend of citrus, herbs, and geranium to liven up your kitchen or bedroom.

Cedar vetiverFresh and spa-like with notes of cedar, lavender, vetiver, and ylang-ylang.

Sandalwood Subtle hints of cedar, sandalwood (santal), smoke, and cardamom. Slightly sweet and undeniably seductive. 

Sea saltFresh sea salt mingled with sage and bergamot. The spiritually cleansing properties of saltwater and sage mingle in this rejuvenating scent. 

Cactus flowerClose your eyes to find yourself wandering the vast landscape of the American Southwest, where desert wildflowers bloom from evergreen succulents and the breeze carries notes of fresh citrus and agave.

RosewaterLet your thoughts flow like water, and bloom like flowers with this clarifying scent. Bring the smell of roses after rain into your home to manifest calm.

Garden vineLay back, let the sunbathe you in golden light and suddenly you’re walking through a lush green garden, filled with lemongrass, tomato, and summer herbs.