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Rum Gum ring set

Every night and day there was a discovery, like the time we found the a silk pocket hidden deep in the lining of a thrift store coat. We drank rum gum and limes and examined the lot, putting on records and calling to each other from room to room. Cool marbles, a mahjongg tile, slim coins stamped with words from another country. A scroll of paper rolled tightly and covered in hearts and I love yous in seven languages, a map of the island, another adventure for us two partners in crime. Finally then, in a peach-colored box, a pair of rings, fit together like a starburst, perfect together and lovely apart, one for each of us or two for one of us, depending on our moods and outfits, the ones that changed with the sun and the tides and the music on the record player. Two rings included in the ring set!

The Rum ring with 3mm Australian Opal, and the Gum Ring that fits perfectly along with it, completing the aura around the opal.