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Sticker Bluetooth speaker

The fridge stickers are called "memory magnets" by collectors, and they are a testimony of travel and life.

Features :
1. More than just a fridge magnet, but also a Bluetooth speaker gift;
2. Interesting new scenes to listen to music;
3. Unique acoustic system to generate resonance with attachment objects;
4. Long-lasting battery life for the small size;
5. Type C charging

NOTE:Muzen Sticker Speaker produces different sound quality by combining the Bluetooth speaker with the contact surface, and the vibration of the speaker drives the contact surface (such as refrigerator/coffee machine/cabinet, etc.) to vibrate together. Therefore, after vibration with the contact surface, the sound quality of the speaker is related to the size and parts of the surface in contact. lf the contact surface is not solid, or there are other moving vibrating parts, it isvery likely to bring the noise that should not appear, then you need to make appropriate adjustments to ensure the best sound quality.